St Mary’s Community Cemetery Kempton Inc.

PO Box 94 Kempton Tasmania 7030

‘RING THE BELL’ Fundraising Appeal

Appeal Target: $160,000

St Mary’s Church and Cemetery

We have paid the money and now waiting on settlement and possession.

St Mary’s Church and Cemetery have been part of the fabric of Kempton for over 180 years. In 2018 the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania announced that it was closing the church and putting the property up for sale. A small group of interested volunteers has formed an Incorporated Association, St. Mary’s Community Cemetery Kempton Inc. in order to try and save the church cemetery and grounds, so that it can remain a vital part of the Kempton and Southern Midlands community.  The Association is very pleased to advise that it has signed a contract with the Anglican Church to buy the Land Title, all contents including the church, Sunday School and cemetery, as is, where is, and taking over all liabilities. Subject to successfully raising the necessary funds, ownership of the property will transfer to the Association – i.e. it will remain in the ownership and control of the community IF the funds can be raised to complete the purchase. The Association intends to continue to manage the cemetery, as required by Tasmanian Legislation, to both respect those in the cemetery as well as to allow continuity for families to inter their loved ones. In particular, the Association wishes to ensure that the large number of graves and monuments of Returned Services personnel who have made such significant contributions to both their country and this community continue to be respected, maintained and not forgotten. The church, hall and grounds will also be managed by the Association, and it is envisaged that they will be used for a variety of activities, which will bring some income to the association to cover costs such as power, insurance, government charges and minor maintenance.