St Mary’s Community Cemetery Kempton Inc.

PO Box 94 Kempton Tasmania 7030

‘RING THE BELL’ Fundraising Appeal

Appeal Target: $160,000

How can you help?

We are seeking donations from organisations, businesses and individuals to our ‘RING THE BELL’ Fundraising Appeal, which will allow the purchase to go ahead, and to provide funds to undertake essential maintenance on the church building, particularly the bell tower. Our fundraising target is $160,000  The Kempton and Southern Midlands community have a very proud history successfully raising funds for community projects. We ask that you consider supporting this project to ensure that a very important historical site is preserved for future generations. All donations, small or large, gratefully accepted. 

You can donate through our GoFundMe page here

  Platinum Donors   – Donations of $10,000 +
Gold Donors           ​​– Donations of $5,000 +  
Silver Donors          – Donations of $2,000 +  
Bronze Donors       – Donations of $1,000 + 
Sandstone Donors – Donations from $5 to $1000

Names of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Donors will be placed on an honour board within the church, and an appropriate advertising sign acknowledging corporate donors will be placed near the entrance gates. 

The names of all Sandstone donors will be honoured in a hard-copy printed donation book, which will also be kept in the church in perpetuity. In order to complete the sale from the Anglican Church, and secure the property.

In order to complete the sale from the Anglican Church, and secure the property, we are seeking to reach the fundraising target in order to settle the purchase on 20 April.

Members of the Association are ready and willing to talk to prospective donors about the project and to provide further details.